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Usually, people choose Hawaii weddings to experience the beauty of nature at this place. The pristine beaches, magnificent waterfalls, and organic beauty of Hawaiian Islands make it a perfect destination wedding spot. With so many beautiful sights all around, planning a wedding in Hawaii is like tying a knot in the heaven. But the real exquisiteness of this destination wedding is when you plan to tie a knot like in Hawaiian culture wedding. Well, of course, you can marry according to your traditions but marrying in Hawaiian style will give you an all new experience along with a lot of memories for the lifetime. Exchanging your wedding vows with some elements of traditional Hawaii weddings will make an unforgettable big day for both you and your guests.


No matter whether you want a Hawaii beach wedding or a wedding on some isolated island; adding a touch of aloha culture will make a memorable wedding in Hawaii. The physical beauty and the culture of the place are so attractive that you will yourself fall for it. And, when you have already decided to have a wedding in Hawaii then why not do it in a Hawaiian way. There are a lot of Hawaiian traditions; you can choose your favorites to impart a different look and feel to your wedding. Below are some excerpts from the Hawaiian culture wedding that you can incorporate into yours for more fun and excitement.

•    The major attraction of a Hawaiian culture wedding is a kahuna pule or kahuna, the holy man who helps you exchange the vows in a Hawaiian style, making the entire process more interesting, meaningful and beautiful. The Kahu blowing the conch shell is something not to be missed when marrying in Hawaii.

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•    The traditional Hawaiian flower Lei is another interesting thing to include in your Hawaii beach wedding. Lei are the symbol of love and respect and are worn by bride and groom as well as the members of the wedding party. It has the same significance as that of a wedding ring, signifying an unbroken circle of eternal commitment and devotion to one another.

•    In Hawaii weddings, the attire for both bride and groom is white. The groom wears a colored sash around his waist and the green maile lei around his neck. If you want to enjoy something like this then going with Hawaiian culture wedding is what you should opt for.

•    Another amazing tradition of Hawaiian weddings is their rings and rings blessings, where the Koa wood and Ti leaf ring are used, which are beautifully simple and are known for their integrity and strength, the two most important qualities of a marriage. Their presence in the marriage ceremony represents prosperity, health, and blessing of body, mind, and spirit. Truly, a beautiful part of the Hawaiian culture wedding.

So these were those Hawaiian rituals that make Hawaiian weddings so beautifully different. Incorporating them into your big day is sure to make your special day more special.


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