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Top 6 Tips for a Hawaii Vow Renewals Ceremony

In Hawaii, vow renewal ceremonies are becoming a well-liked option for married couples planning to recommit themselves to each other in the front of their loved ones. Whether you have been married 10 days or 10 years, planning Hawaii vow renewals ceremony can be an amazing way to renew your relationship.

Married couples in Hawaii or any other destination renew their vows for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe the married couple has reached a special anniversary or significant milestone in their lives together and they plan to celebrate it by renewing their wedding vows. Or maybe they have recently faced a tough time together and renewing their vows would help harden their commitment to each other.

Hollywood celebrities and other well-know personalities seem to pop up in the media when they renew their vows.

Planning a vow renewal is not a tough or impossible experience. Using the right tips and suitable planning, you can make this special event fun for the complete family.

Here are a few tips for planning an amazing Hawaii vow renewal ceremony:

New Traditions

A vow renewal in Hawaii is a great opportunity to step away from Hawaii wedding customs and start new traditions being a married couple. It comprises of exchanging new rings, custom vows and an event that exemplifies the family you have created.

Include Loved Ones

While many Hawaiian weddings include attendants, a vow renewal ceremony generally involves the married couple and a renewal ceremony planner supervising over ceremony. Most of the married couples choose to invite their wedding attendants and some plan to make their children the part of this special event. You can also call your wedding planner who you had selected at your wedding and who had offered all-inclusive Hawaii wedding packages.

Make Children a Part of the Vow Renewal Ceremony

Parents share an emotional connection with their children. So, if you want them to be a part of your Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony, then it’s an appreciable choice.

Following things can be done by your children to make your special day more memorable:

  • They can narrate beautiful vows to their parents
  • They can sing a song for their parents
  • They can write and recite poems for their parents

Bachelorette Parties

As you are already married, a bachelorette party is unnecessary. The main ceremony and a reception are the two events in a traditional vow renewal. You can throw bachelorette parties to add more excitement.

Send Invitations on Time

If you have a more formal event or a catered reception paper invitation which involves a standard RSVP are best. It not only helps you make your mind up on who will be attending but also lets your guests to make travel arrangements on time.

The Gift of Love

A vow renewal in Hawaii is usually not an opportunity to accept gifts. The gift of your guests’ presence at your vow renewal ceremony is all that should be expected. You can also make your request for no gifts by adding it on the invitation.

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